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fix your sexless marriage review By Ed Fisher


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How important is sex to a marriage? Very. If you think that you can go years without having regular sex and your marriage will be “just fine,” think again. Sex is necessary for both men and women (of any age) in order to keep a healthy level of intimacy in the relationship. Without sex, you might as well be “just friends.” The good news is that when it comes to dealing with a sexless marriage, you don’t need to waste months and lots of money on a therapist, you can fix your sexless marriage yourself. You just need the right tools. That’s where my fix your sexless marriage review comes in.

I have reviewed several relationship books, some better than others, but I have to admit, when Dean Mason and Kate Dixon sent me a copy of “Get him in the Mood – Make your Man Want You More” I was intrigued. See, they sent me the copy that is meant for women. That’s smart, because as a man I was able to go through it and verify that the advice given to my wife could be used to, well, get me in the mood!

It’s important to note that men and women are very different creatures. It is tempting to treat your spouse the same way that you would like to be treated, but this can be a huge mistake. So by writing two different books – one for men, and one for women – they have avoided the pitfall that most books about sexless marriage fall into – a “catch-all” mentality that fails to help either men or women.

This book covers all of the bases when it comes to sexless marriage:

how important sex is to a relationship
why sexless marriage happens, and how did your marriage get to that point
what you can do about it
coping with a changing appearance
how to rekindle the passion
How to get him involved without him even knowing it
improving communication
how to kick it up a notch
a lot more

You’ll notice that one of the items above is “How to get him involved without him even knowing.” I like that because you know how hard it can be to get your spouse involved in fixing relationships. Sometimes they are skeptical because they think they need a therapist. Sometimes they are embarrassed. Sometimes they just think their sex life is over and they’ve moved on. They’re not interested in fixing things. The truth is, you have to focus what YOU can do. You can turn things around without any active involvement from your spouse. This is something I have learned from using several ebooks to fix my own marriage. It’s true, and great advice.

It’s clear that Kate Dixon is a real expert in the sexless marriage area. I know a lot more about human relations than most people, and her advice is right on the money. One thing that impresses me is that Kate takes a real focus on “self-esteem” and the havoc that a poor sex life can do to it.

When it comes to trying to improve sexual relations with your spouse, there are common mistakes that most people make that end up pushing their partner away instead of bringing them closer. If you avoid these mistakes (everyone makes them and it has a lot to do with not realizing the different needs of men and women) you are going to be much more successful in fixing your sexless marriage. Again, this book covers all the bases in a thoughtful manner.

I am very impressed with the book for women and I am actually going to buy the book that is aimed at men because, although I have improved my sex life greatly with the other relationship books I have worked through, I think there is no substitute for having a guide that is focussed strictly on the topic of sexless marriage.

Be sure to take a look at the fixyoursexlessmarriage website for information on their current bonuses. These guys love to throw in a few extra tidbits to really make it a value proposition. If you are serious about fixing your sexless marriage, you should definitely check out the fixyoursexlessmarriage website for more information. I should point out that Kate and Dean are so confident that you will love their guides that they offer a full 60 day money-back guarantee. If you do what they tell you, you will be having sex again with your spouse and your marriage will be that much stronger.

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*Please note that if you visit the fixyoursexlessmarriage website and purchase the program, this website will accept a commission. This money will help to support this website so I can keep bringing you more great advice. The fact that I have decided to accept a commission does not change the fact that I have thoroughly reviewed the product and I honestly believe it will be an effective solution to your sexless marriage. I would not recommend it if I did not endorse the content. I hope you enjoyed my fix your sexless marriage review – Thanks, Ed Fisher

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